Finding the Classic in the Midst of the Trendy December 16 2014

No matter what century you look back on there identifiable trends in fashion. Women’s fashion has notable items for each decade. The 20s had the flapper dresses. The 30s displayed feminine waistline with a swing to the coats and bottom of skirts. During the 40s, there was a more utilitarian look. With the need of women in the factories during the war, pants became more commonplace. Following the war and the change of norm for women, the 50s ushered in more of a flirty style as the shorter skirts, pedal pushers and halter top dresses made their appearance alongside the more conservative sleek clothing. Culturally, the 60s ushered in the sexual revolution which is evident in fashion with the mini dresses and going braless.

After the switch to women wearing pants being mainstream, there was a reversion back to the long skirts in the 70s combined with the sex appeal of the low cut tops. The next three decades have trends that are their own. Fast forward to today and we have the statement shirts and sweaters on the scene. All the while, there are classic pieces of clothing that are present in every decade, holding fashion together like glue, getting mixed in with the trends here and there.

Curious Gypsy has taken the trend of making a statement with your tops and mashed it up with a very classic clothing item. Our women’s sweaters have a classic look, today’s comfort and they are on trend for making a statement with your clothing. With Curious Gypsy’s women's round neck and v-neck sweaters, you can continue to enjoy the fashion trends of today with the comfort and sophistication of yesteryear.

Statement Sweaters You Can Wear Anywhere November 29 2014

Sweaters are a must have item in your fall and winter wardrobe. There are many cute options available out there, but you’re looking for sweaters that have that je ne sais quoi to fit your personality. Statement sweaters are your thing, but you don’t want to make just any statement. There are many statement sweaters out there that are fun to look at, but not quite your style. You make your voice heard wherever you go, but you still have a classic style while still maintaining your comfort.  

The great thing about statement sweaters is that you can wear them anywhere. Simply change what you wear with it depending on the occasion. You can wear them to dress up for your holiday parties with a nice retro lace skirt or some sleek pants and heels. Statement sweaters can be paired with dress pants or a skirt and blazer for work. On the other hand, they can be worn with your ripped jeans and your favorite flats to go shopping or with your dressy jeans and some amazing stilettos to go out for drinks with your friends.

At Curious Gypsy, we have statement sweaters in all shapes, classic and unique. We use only comfortable fabrics and knits in our women’s fashion tops. They are made when you order them—just for you! Search our site and find more statement women’s fashion tops, including tanks, ts and crops. Stock up on our women’s sweaters and stay on trend while you stay warm this winter.

You Don’t Conform, So Don’t Start for a Christmas Party October 03 2014

The holidays are coming up quickly and nearly everyone will be attending an ugly Christmas sweater party. You’ve been invited, but are just not feeling it. The whole idea of going and buying a second hand sweater with plastic holly leaves or small gift wrapped packages glued onto the sweater finds no appeal in your mind. It’s actually downright stupid.

Keep with your personality and shop Curious Gypsy for the perfect sweater with a design for that party. It will make a statement everyone will understand. Perhaps our FU sweater will be appropriate for you. We have many sweaters and shirts that will get your message across loud and clear. Maybe our From The Bottom Of My Heart super soft sweater knit will be the one you choose.

If you want to go for a much more subtle message, our Whatever Forever sweater may be the one for you to wear. It will be clear that you don’t care about conforming to the ugly sweater crowd even if you want to go and socialize. If you like ironic, you could wear our Fit In Or… sweater.

Regardless of what you choose to wear to the party, stick with your gut instinct. Don’t deny who you are just to conform for a single night. Shop Curious Gypsy for the best in custom made sweaters and tops. Follow us on Instagram or Facebook or the other social media outlets to keep up with our company as we grow beyond our borders of Downtown Los Angeles.

Share Who You are Through Your Sweaters and Tops September 17 2014

Express yourself. That’s what we’re all about at Curious Gypsy. We want you to find a shirt, tank top or sweater with a design to make your statement. Our shirts help you share your thoughts, feelings or attitude.
Our shirts are comfy and soft, easy to wear any time of the year. Wear it under a sweater now that temperatures are cooler during the fall and winter. Our sweaters range from thin (like the loose knit Raglan) for cool weather (or even a cool summer evening) to thicker for the cold temps, like our Dolman sweater. Pair the Dolman sweater with your cutest skinny jeans and boots for going to see clients or for work. During the summer you can wear one of our tanks or crop tops to the beach over your swimsuit. Our clothes fit all seasons.
Statement shirts are trendy now, sharing how you feel or simply giving attitude. You make your shirt; your shirt doesn’t make you. Show your sass with our Namasté, Bitches t-shirt or mellow it out with our Reversed V-neck top, pairing it with your cutest miniskirt and some flip-flops for a casual day off.
Have fun with your style. All of our sweaters and tops are custom made for you at the time you order, so order today. As the famous actress, Katharine Hepburn, said, “If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun.” Curious Gypsy brings the attitude and fun to your wardrobe. Start making your statement with us.

Choose Your Statement for the Day July 11 2014

Watching fashion trends in the United States gives great insight into where fashion is headed. Simply looking through photos online, a person can pick up trends that are current. One current trend that’s hot is the statement shirt or crop. Many celebrities are shot by paparazzi wearing them. The designs are unique, carrying a bold or ironic message to share with the masses. In every picture, the shirts are paired with the likely—fraying cut-off shorts, or the unlikely—a lace 50s inspired mid-length skirt of a contrasting color.

One way many are wearing statement shirts is with an otherwise dressy ensemble. A mod A-line skirt and a rolled-sleeve blazer may be paired with a shirt that shares TMI. It’s an everyday look that can go nearly anywhere. Layer the t-shirt with a cardigan and some dress slacks and flats or a plaid flannel and skinny jeans with Converse, depending on your destination for the day. Cover it with a plaid coat for the winter weather, then shed that coat while you’re inside and rock your statement.

Curious Gypsy, based in downtown Los Angeles, creates shirts with bold statements and patterned designs. We also carry tanks and crops for the modern woman. Look through and find your new favorite shirt in our inventory. Each shirt is made when you order. Buy one for each day of the week. We love our customers. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter to hear about what we’re doing, our inspirations or share with us.

Grunge with a Modern Twist June 27 2014

There is little in fashion that is new. There is only the reimagined. Every season, designers renovate what’s been done by taking past trends and doing a mash up with another trend or putting a spin on it using their own interpretation. Season after season, the runways see a redux of past trends used as inspiration for the new trends that season. One trend that has come back around with a reimagined twist is the slouchy, over-sized sweaters with skinny jeans.
Along with fitted plaid button front flannels, the slouchy sweater is back in style with a more polished look. Pairing the skinny pants (not shiny spandex) from the 80s as opposed to the baggy ripped jeans creates a look that is unique to the 2010s. Sweater color pallets tend to be more muted and subtle as opposed to the bright graphic sweater designs of the early 90s. The inspiration clearly comes the grunge era of the mid to late 90s, and perhaps a trend during some decade before.  
One way Curious Gypsy has revamped this look is to add a print to the sweater knit. We have many sweater with statements and others with designs and prints for the fashion forward. In addition to our printed sweaters, we have plain designs. Paired with your favorite pair of skinny pants and a pair of knee high boots, you have the perfect look for this winter. We also carry statement shirts, crops and tanks for every season of the year. Shop our site.