You Don’t Conform, So Don’t Start for a Christmas Party October 03 2014

The holidays are coming up quickly and nearly everyone will be attending an ugly Christmas sweater party. You’ve been invited, but are just not feeling it. The whole idea of going and buying a second hand sweater with plastic holly leaves or small gift wrapped packages glued onto the sweater finds no appeal in your mind. It’s actually downright stupid.

Keep with your personality and shop Curious Gypsy for the perfect sweater with a design for that party. It will make a statement everyone will understand. Perhaps our FU sweater will be appropriate for you. We have many sweaters and shirts that will get your message across loud and clear. Maybe our From The Bottom Of My Heart super soft sweater knit will be the one you choose.

If you want to go for a much more subtle message, our Whatever Forever sweater may be the one for you to wear. It will be clear that you don’t care about conforming to the ugly sweater crowd even if you want to go and socialize. If you like ironic, you could wear our Fit In Or… sweater.

Regardless of what you choose to wear to the party, stick with your gut instinct. Don’t deny who you are just to conform for a single night. Shop Curious Gypsy for the best in custom made sweaters and tops. Follow us on Instagram or Facebook or the other social media outlets to keep up with our company as we grow beyond our borders of Downtown Los Angeles.