Finding the Classic in the Midst of the Trendy December 16 2014

No matter what century you look back on there identifiable trends in fashion. Women’s fashion has notable items for each decade. The 20s had the flapper dresses. The 30s displayed feminine waistline with a swing to the coats and bottom of skirts. During the 40s, there was a more utilitarian look. With the need of women in the factories during the war, pants became more commonplace. Following the war and the change of norm for women, the 50s ushered in more of a flirty style as the shorter skirts, pedal pushers and halter top dresses made their appearance alongside the more conservative sleek clothing. Culturally, the 60s ushered in the sexual revolution which is evident in fashion with the mini dresses and going braless.

After the switch to women wearing pants being mainstream, there was a reversion back to the long skirts in the 70s combined with the sex appeal of the low cut tops. The next three decades have trends that are their own. Fast forward to today and we have the statement shirts and sweaters on the scene. All the while, there are classic pieces of clothing that are present in every decade, holding fashion together like glue, getting mixed in with the trends here and there.

Curious Gypsy has taken the trend of making a statement with your tops and mashed it up with a very classic clothing item. Our women’s sweaters have a classic look, today’s comfort and they are on trend for making a statement with your clothing. With Curious Gypsy’s women's round neck and v-neck sweaters, you can continue to enjoy the fashion trends of today with the comfort and sophistication of yesteryear.