Choose Your Statement for the Day July 11 2014

Watching fashion trends in the United States gives great insight into where fashion is headed. Simply looking through photos online, a person can pick up trends that are current. One current trend that’s hot is the statement shirt or crop. Many celebrities are shot by paparazzi wearing them. The designs are unique, carrying a bold or ironic message to share with the masses. In every picture, the shirts are paired with the likely—fraying cut-off shorts, or the unlikely—a lace 50s inspired mid-length skirt of a contrasting color.

One way many are wearing statement shirts is with an otherwise dressy ensemble. A mod A-line skirt and a rolled-sleeve blazer may be paired with a shirt that shares TMI. It’s an everyday look that can go nearly anywhere. Layer the t-shirt with a cardigan and some dress slacks and flats or a plaid flannel and skinny jeans with Converse, depending on your destination for the day. Cover it with a plaid coat for the winter weather, then shed that coat while you’re inside and rock your statement.

Curious Gypsy, based in downtown Los Angeles, creates shirts with bold statements and patterned designs. We also carry tanks and crops for the modern woman. Look through and find your new favorite shirt in our inventory. Each shirt is made when you order. Buy one for each day of the week. We love our customers. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter to hear about what we’re doing, our inspirations or share with us.

Grunge with a Modern Twist June 27 2014

There is little in fashion that is new. There is only the reimagined. Every season, designers renovate what’s been done by taking past trends and doing a mash up with another trend or putting a spin on it using their own interpretation. Season after season, the runways see a redux of past trends used as inspiration for the new trends that season. One trend that has come back around with a reimagined twist is the slouchy, over-sized sweaters with skinny jeans.
Along with fitted plaid button front flannels, the slouchy sweater is back in style with a more polished look. Pairing the skinny pants (not shiny spandex) from the 80s as opposed to the baggy ripped jeans creates a look that is unique to the 2010s. Sweater color pallets tend to be more muted and subtle as opposed to the bright graphic sweater designs of the early 90s. The inspiration clearly comes the grunge era of the mid to late 90s, and perhaps a trend during some decade before.  
One way Curious Gypsy has revamped this look is to add a print to the sweater knit. We have many sweater with statements and others with designs and prints for the fashion forward. In addition to our printed sweaters, we have plain designs. Paired with your favorite pair of skinny pants and a pair of knee high boots, you have the perfect look for this winter. We also carry statement shirts, crops and tanks for every season of the year. Shop our site.